The Sandbox

This page is a collection of some of my own ideas that I want to have available for quick access (and so as not to get lost in the ever expanding stack of older blogs). And this will be just some highlights, nothing too lengthy.

Community of Christ Peace & Welcome Center

An idea I have for a new facility, with a different purpose.  Check it out.

“Lead with grace.” -Dec. 6th 2014

This became the basis of a blog, posted Dec. 14th, 2014, encouraging all church members to be careful with how we treat one another, seeking to avoid causing rifts and striving to ensure that we don’t worship policies, that we avoid being Pharisees, and that we remember our call to focus on what matters most.

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“Speculation is the death of reason.” -July 5th, 2014

Just something that popped into my head one day when I realized that I had become very preoccupied about something, constantly wondering about things.  No blog on this.

Balanced Stewardship

Earth Stewardship (Environmental/Conservation issues)
Fiscal Stewardship (A Disciple’s Generous Response)
Ministerial Stewardship (time, energy, resource management)
Temple Stewardship (physical, emotional & spiritual health and wellbeing)
Zionic Stewardship (Peace & Justice)

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21st Century Restoration

In order to flourish, the church must be two things simultaneously.

First, it must continue to be a Restoration church (for the simple reason, that if we
cease to be such, we will become yet another street corner church, of which there are
thousands, and which are all struggling to survive in this “on demand” era.

Second, we must be a 21st century church.  This means, that we must, while still being
grounded in our Restoration heritage, ensure that we are:

Relevant, Resonating, & Redemptive

If we are not relevant in the lives of those in need, and if we are not resonating with both
committed and potential disciples, then we are not redemptive. If we are not
redemptive, then we are not the church we are called to be.

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Theme of Scriptures

I’ve always been very fond of our three volumes of scripture.  For that reason, I have often wondered if each has a distinct theme, intent, or purpose.  Beyond the obvious.  After considering this for quite some time, I finally realized that yes, each volume of scripture does indeed have it’s own pervasive theme, which I hope the church will utilize.

These pervasive themes are as follows (and reflect the Model of Outreach mentioned further below):

The Bible: Invitation.  Especially to “come and see” and “follow me”
The Doctrine and Covenants: Relationships.  Ideally, planting and nurturing Christ-centered, holistic relationships.
The Book of Mormon: Community building.  Specifically, Zionic, sacred communities.

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A Cyclic Model of Outreach: Invite ~ Relationships ~ Community

We need to think of “invitation” as a ministry unto itself. Likewise, forming holistic relationships, and brining people into a more positive relationship with God is of vital importance. Finally, we need to build inclusive, sacred, Zionic communities. These three ministries go together…Invitation will result in more relationships being formed, and the more relationships are formed, the more sacred communities we can build.

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Congregational Vision

The vision statement of my congregation is as follows:

“…working with the Holy Spirit, empowering people to Encounter God and Reflect Christ”

Encounter God! ~ Reflect Christ!

Please feel free to reply! :)

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