Thanks for visiting my blog site!  You may also wish to check out the following sites.

A Time to Ponder – My apologetics site.
My sermon site
My “archive” of decommissioned church webpages
My overflow site
Exploring the Faith – an exploration of various church concepts

Mission Initiatives – Learn about what the church is inviting all  people to do.
Christ’s Mission – Read President Veazey’s  address introducing the mission initiatives.
World Church Website – Home page of Community of Christ
Saints Herald – A Community of Christ blog.
The Dialogue Place – Catch up on important church issues in order to help make change.

Generosity – Make a contribution to support the mission Initiatives of the church.

President’s Addresses, Sermons & Words of Counsel*

*Words of Counsel documents are regarded as the result of divine revelation.

Share the Peace of Jesus Christ – World Conference 2005 sermon
Words of Counsel – World Conference 2007 (Section 163 of the Doctrine & Covenants)
The Restoring Christ –  2007 sermon at Kirtland Temple
A Defining Moment – 2009 Address to the Church
Words of Counsel – January 2010 (Section 164 of the Doctrine & Covenants))
We Share a Vision – World Conference 2010 sermon
The Mission Matters Most – 2011 Address to the Church
Hearing Good News…Being Good News! – 2012 Address to the Church
Words of Counsel – 2013 World Conference (not yet canonized)

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