Hospital Duty in the Era of COVID-19 – What is it really like working in a hospital right now?
Hypocrisy – the Bane of Christianity – We need to reverse the trend!


The Non-War on Christmas – Getting back to common sense.
How We Know That God Can Sanction Church Changes
– including the major changes!


Return to Zion: Reunion 2017 – it was great to be back at Camp Noronto!
Reflections on Racism – some brief thoughts


Pondering Reunion 2016 – another glimpse of Zion
Scriptures of Hope & Comfort – from the Standard of Authority
The Validity of Full Inclusion – Why I support same-sex marriage
Statements on Christ – Not a blog, just some statements made by the Church
Views on Scripture – Not a blog, but a collection of what the Church has said
A Second Glance at the Trinity – Why I don’t think there is such a thing
The New Conservatives – Exploring what it means to be conservative in the 21st century {reformatted}

Female Ordination
– Did We Make the Right Choice? – Maybe… {reformatted version of an older blog}

Community of Christ: A Revealed Church – We are what we are

The Nature & Role of Scripture – Exploring what the Church says

Preparing for World Conference – Why its important for all church members

Does Your Church Need to Have a Shower?
– An idea to rejuvenate your facility

We can save church jobs – An open letter to all church members

Save church jobs!
– How we can wade through the current fiscal crisis facing the church

Exploring Unity in Diveristy & the Worth of All Persons – A collection of church resources


Christmas is for Everyone – Because it is
For Mormons
– A response to the revisions in Handbook 1
What is Communion? – Adapted from a short talk I did for CommunityPlace
Ordination vs. Setting Apart – Confronting the inconsistencies
What Did We Gain from National Conference?
– Challenging myths, confirming redemption
Thanksgiving Gratitude
– What are you grateful for?
God’s Changes
– A review of various changes made by God
Remembering Reunion 2015
– A glimpse of Zion
Growing in Comfort with the Book of Mormon (reformatted)
– An exploration of why we do not need to be uneasy with it


Merry Christmas Everyone – Whatever that Means! – Exploring what it’s all about.
Lead with Grace
– Dealing with controversial issues properly.
Cohabitation & Priesthood
– Are our policies correct?
Pondering the Scriptures – Ensuring that our interpretations are valid
Community Place: Hope of Zion?
– My take on a great young adult driven initiative.
Reflections on Reunion
– some thoughts on Noronto Reunion 2014
Acknowledging Hypocrisy – Following the example of Christ.
Breaking Deadlock  – Resolving the unresoveable.

Female Ordination – Did We Make the Right Choice? – Maybe…

Part 1: Pondering Paul
Part 2: Scriptural Basis
Part 3: The Role of Women
Part 4: “Disjunctive Revelation”

Sacramental Truth – Are we being honest with ourselves?
Dare We Ask?
– Challenging the great cop-out that we cannot question God.
Why Does the Church Have to Change? – Reviewing why change is part of the church.

Can God Change? – Delving into the question of whether or not God can change

Part 1: To Change or not to Change
Part 2: The Consistency of Change
Part 3: What Has Changed?
Part 4: A Changing Priesthood

What is Sin? – A short dive into what sin is, and the question of changing sin.


Is God Petty? – Reviewing some of the things we cling to that make God petty.
What Truly Matters the Most? – An invitation to consider what gets in the way
Quit Counting! – An exploration of what we should, and should not focus on
Balanced Stewardship – Stewardship reinterpreted for the 21st century
A Sacred Purpose – Exploring the reasons for the Restoration
Polygamy & the Book of Jacob – Can God command polygamy?  Nope!
Are We Not All Beggars? – A plea for church members of *all* perspectives to tithe to
World Church
21st Century Restoration – Can we be a 21st century church, and a church of the
Restoration at the same time?

Growing in Comfort with the Book of Mormon – An exploration of why we do not need to be uneasy with it

Part 1 – A Debt of Gratitude
Part 2 – The Lure of Folklore
Part 3 – Overcoming the Sticky Passages
Part 4 – Stance of the Church
Part 5 – Uncovering the Gems

The New Conservatives – Exploring what it means to be conservative in the 21st century

Part 1 – Cardinal Convictions
Part 2 – Constraining Customs
Part 3 – Are you a “Foundationalist”?

A Different Way of Looking at our Scriptural Canon – The pervasive themes of scripture
A Three Fold Model of Dynamic Congregations – The ministries of Invitation, Relationships & Community Building
Three Dimensions of Church – a response to US National Conference (applicalbe to all) – Doctrine, Mission, Fellowship
Imagine World Conference! – My pre World Conference 2013 thoughts


Life After National Conference – a response to Canadian National Conference (applicable to all of them)


I Owe God a Lot of Money – A poem about the blessings we have from God

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