Welcome to my blog site.  Here you’ll find random musings, though most will pertain to the church that I am a member of, Community of Christ.

Regarding that church, here are some helpful links:



Note: Community of Christ is also known by it’s longer name The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The shorter name, Community of Christ was adopted in April 2000.  The longer name continues to be owned and used by the church in various capacities.  It is retained for various legal reasons, as well as out of a desire to protect our identity, cherish our heritage, and honor our history.

The church is not associated with the Mormons (the LDS).

Mormons (and others) interested in learning more about Community of Christ are encouraged to use the 2nd link above.

Check out my Sermon Vault here: http://ddonsermons.wordpress.com/

Check out my apologetics site “A Time to Ponder”

Check out Saints Herald, a Community of Christ blog site at http://saintsherald.com/

What is ZionBound?

This is a series of related articles I’m writing to explore my views on how we can express and revitalize our Restoration beliefs in the 21st century.  These blogs will be posted with my other blogs in post order.  However, for quick access, they will also be posted on the ZionBound page, oldest first.

Disclaimer: Unless indicated otherwise, the opinions expressed in my blogs are my own.  I do not speak for Community of Christ.

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