Statements on Christ

“It is to Christ that scripture points.”
–Scripture Affirmation #1

The following is not a blog as such, but some statements about Christ made by the Church, or by church leaders.

From A Defining Moment” (2009 Address to the Church, by President Veazey):

“Community of Christ also stresses that all scripture must be interpreted through the lens of God’s most-decisive revelation in Jesus Christ.

So if portions of scripture don’t agree with our fullest understanding of the meaning of the revelation of God in Christ, as illuminated by the Holy Spirit and discerned by the faith community, the teachings and vision of Christ take precedence.”

From Continuing Revelation by Stephen M. Veazey (Enduring Principles Series)

“We believe God clearly and reliably was revealed in Jesus Christ.”

From our Christology Statement:

“Christ is our peace, breaking down the dividing walls of hostility between us. He promises us the redemption and healing of our relationships with God, one another, and all of creation.” –Paragraph 6

From “The Restoring Christ by Stephen M. Veazey

“Today I come before you to bear testimony of Jesus Christ as proclaimed and experienced by the Restoration movement, our faith heritage. The Christ of whom I bear witness, lives eternally at the center of our faith. We know this Christ as the embodiment of God’s nature and purposes—God’s eternal and living Word active in creation. We know this Christ as the One in whom and through whom divine judgment, mercy, and grace interact to affect our reconciliation, redemption, and salvation. We know this Christ as the One in whom and through whom the passionate dream of God for shalom—the fullness of peace—throughout the whole creation is clearly revealed.”

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