Preparing for World Conference

lectern5A little note I sent to my congreation about World Conference 2016. Just my own thoughts.  For all members of Community of Christ, regardless if you are ex-officio, delegate, non-delegate, or even going.  We all need to prepare.


In just a couple of months, World Conference 2016 will commence, as church members from around the world gather in Independence, Missouri, to celebrate, deliberate, and worship together.

World Conference is a very important event in the life of the church, and it has always been my conviction that *all* church members need to prepare for it every time that it takes place. The actions and decisions made during World Conference help to steer and shape the direction of the church, and we all need to be part of that process.

This preparation is important for everyone, whether you are attending World Conference or not. Delegates, and other participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the pending legislation. However, people who are not attending World Conference should also review the legislation, and share your thoughts and opinions with those who are attending, so that they can have a broader view of each motion, which will be helpful to them as they vote, and represent you.

In addition to the regular motions, the delegates attending this upcoming World Conference will be formally considering the 2013 Words of Counsel, for canonization and inclusion in the Doctrine & Covenants. If approved, the 2013 Words of Counsel will become scripture for the church, and part of our standard of authority, becoming Section 165.

It is a rare opportunity, and great privilege, to be able to be part of the process that declares to the world that what has been presented by the Prophet-President is accepted and endorsed by the World Church as representing the mind and will of God. Once again, the process falls to all church members, not just those who attend World Conference. Please take the time – and be deliberate – to prayerfully read, study, discuss, and discern the 2013 Words of Counsel, and share your thoughts and opinions with those who will be attending World Conference.

Pending legislation can be found here:…/World-Con…/Resolutions-WC2016.pdf

The final version of the 2013 Words of Counsel can be found here:…/Doc…/WordsofCounsel04-05-2016.pdf

Thank you for taking the time to prepare for World Conference 2016!

God bless!

Please feel free to reply! :)

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