Save church jobs!

We CAN save church jobs!

As I’m sure most people are now aware, the church has had to make adjustments to it’s budget, with the consequences of that including the loss of jobs for a significant number of church employees.

However, it IS possible to save church jobs. The World Church financial officers have outlined the criteria in the attachment.  It is important to note that in addition to immediate donations, a sustained increase (beyond what is already expected) in tithing is required.

I implore everyone to share this message with your network, and arrange for it to be emailed to the members of your mission center and congregations.

This is going to take effort, and its going to take sacrifice, but I’m sick at heart knowing that church jobs are on the verge of being eliminated. Now is not the time to find fault, but to act, to save the jobs of our friends and family, of people we love, and who we know have been called into the roles that they serve so tirelessly in.  Let the mission of Jesus Christ not be constrained by lack of funding.

Please click the link below to review the attachment (prepared by the Acting Presiding Bishopric) for information on how to save church jobs.

What would it take to save church jobs

To learn more about the current financial situation, please watch these videos:

Statements by President Veazey and Acting Presiding Bishop Stassi Cramm


Apostle Linda Booth’s interview of President Veazey

A transcript of the first video can be reviewed here.

Read a letter to the church (“The Way Forward”) from President Scott Murphy here.

Check out this Question and Answer document.

At this time, it may be helpful for church members to deepen their understanding of giving to true capacity.  To that end, people may find this video helpful:

President’s Address, Oct. 2014

My Tithing Plan Canadian Version


3 thoughts on “Save church jobs!

    • Hi Barb, you have to click the link to open the attachment. That was not clear before, so I’ve made it more so.

  1. Hi,
    I give to world Missions but not through CofC. I give my tithes and offerings as I was told I could do. I give my first fruits and have for years. I have no more to give. If I stop giving to the other places then what would they do? Haiti, Nepal, operation Israel outreach, compassion International, and other organizations who need the help. I feel that to save jobs in the church then, as of days of old and as most of our priesthood need to get other jobs to supplement the lack of income this includes the leadership. It is called sacrifice. We have a great need in our country as well and times are tough. It saddens me to know that this faith movement is in trouble financially. I feel if we would stop working it as a business and work as a church organization, stand on the word of God, repent and turn from the ways of the world then God will bless us again. My thoughts right or wrong this is my feeling and the feelings of a lot of people in my circle. Linda

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