Dare We Ask?

This blog is part of my ZionBound series.  The full series can be read in post order here.

askgod“Its not our place to question God”

Have you ever heard someone say that, or something like that?  Have you said it yourself?  It comes up a fair bit when we dig deep into issues of doctrine or theology.   Why did God do that?  Why did God say this?

In my experience, replying to questions about why God said or did something with the response of “its not our place to question God” is the great cop-out.  It means “I don’t want to answer” or “I don’t have an answer” or (perhaps most likely of all) “I don’t want this question to be explored” – and that means the question is perceived as a threat.

However, I believe that it is our place to question God.  When I say that, I don’t mean in some sort of defiant or clinical sense of just making lists of questions to bombard God with, as perhaps a symptom of our own restlessness.  We are not called to sit in judgment of God.  However, that in no way means that if we are truly curious about something, that we can’t ask God for clarity.

The way I look at it, God is our parent.  He loves us as a parent loves his or her children. Yet more so.  He wants us to evolve, and learn.  Therefore, I truly believe that he wants us to ponder things, reason through things, and, when we are unsure of something, to ask.  Yes, this even pertains to the scriptures.  In fact, especially so.

When you think about it, the only shared experience we have with God is what is revealed in our sacred canon.  Therefore, it seems unlikely that God would take offense to his children asking God about what God has deemed fit to reveal to us through his prophets.

We also need to remember that God is not petty (click here for a discussion on that). What kind of supreme being would cling to the position that we should not ask him questions?  What is God afraid of?  Its my conviction that God fears nothing.  Nothing threatens God, therefore, he has no reason to dread our questions.

If we look to the scriptures, we see that there is actually a precedent for asking questions.  Time and time again, prophets and other disciples of our Lord have asked questions.  We find these stories in the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  Therefore, if we follow the model and pattern of scripture, we should not be resistant to asking God questions.

We may not get an answer.  Perhaps it is enough that we discuss our questions amongst ourselves.  When we engage in dialog about various issues, we may find ourselves asking various questions.  God may not respond, but we can perhaps ponder the questions together, and strive to reach a plausible understanding together.

Questions to Ponder

1. Do you believe it is appropriate to ask God questions?  Why?
2. Why do we ask God questions?

3. How might our questions be answered?

Please feel free to reply! :)

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