Imagine World Conference!


 Something I wrote before World Conference, April 2013

I can’t wait to go to World Conference!  I’ve attended three or four prior World Conferences in my lifetime, but its been quite some time since I was at one…probably not since 1998.  For various reasons, I was not able to attend any since then.

Shortly after my wife and I first became a couple, she attended a World Conference with her mother.  It was one of the few non-congregational church events that she could think of that she attended that I was not at, and she told me that even though she really enjoyed the experience, she would never want to attend another one without me.  Its taken about ten years, but we are finally going to World Conference together, and I’m very excited.

If you have never been to a World Conference, I would like to encourage you to consider going.  There is just something extremely empowering about being in a gathering of members of the church from all over the world, and in such large numbers.

Imagine standing in the Auditorium’s conference chamber (seating capacity: about 5,800) singing along with everyone else to new and beloved hymns being played on an organ with 6,334 pipes.

Imagine sharing in the Lord’s Supper with close to six thousand other people, as it is served by 105 volunteers!


Imagine being present during the opening ceremonies when the flags of 40+ nations that the church is officially established in, are unfurled and draped down from the conference chamber balcony.

The late Mike Hewitt behind the Canadian flag
Mike Hewitt unfurled the Canadian flag

Imagine being able to freely discuss and vote on legislative motions; thereby helping to shape the future of the Church.  This may not excite people as much as it does myself, but never forget, never take for granted the fact that we have this freedom. What a blessing it is to belong to Community of Christ!


Imagine walking down the Worshiper’s Path, and participating in services in the heart of our breathtaking temple!


Imagine being ministered to by vast choirs from Africa and French Polynesia, who lovingly share their talents with all those gathered, and who proudly wear their traditional apparel as a witness of their respective heritages, reminding us all that we truly are a world church.


Imagine spending several days immersed in the love of God.  Imagine the fellowship, the evening celebrations, the displays from around the world, the young adult programs, the heritage sites, the opportunities to visit with other members from our mission center and field.  Imagine learning what matters most to our brothers and sisters from all over the world.


Imagine what you will take home with you.

March 3rd, 2013

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